What is GI & Why Low GI foods are
good for Diabetics & Wellness?

Glycemic Index or GI is the ranking of food on a scale of 0 to 100 based on how slowly or quickly they raise blood sugar levels after eating. The ingredients with a ranking of 55 or lower are called low glycemic index foods, medium glycemic index foods lie between 55 to 70 and foods above 70 are considered high on glycemic index. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and other leading global medical research organizations have published numerous reports which state that a low glycemic index diet has many benefits. Most good foods for diabetics fall in the low glycemic index range. People can reap the following benefits with low glycemic index foods.

Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Low glycemic index foods do not cause sudden spikes and crashes in normal sugar level for diabetic patients.

Better Weight Management

Low GI foods increase satiety or feeling of fullness. Reducing hunger pangs can improve weight management for Type 2 Diabetes.

Lower Lipid Levels

Low glycemic index foods improve good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL).

Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Low glycemic index foods improve lipids levels and reduce your risk for heart disease if you have diabetes.

Recommended foods for Diabetics & Prediabetics

Low glycemic index foods help reduce the risk of diabetes by keeping blood sugar levels in check. Low GI foods’ low blood sugar spiking helps delay of progression from prediabetes to diabetes. Most good foods for diabetics are low on glycemic index.

Keep Metabolic Syndrome at Bay

Low glycemic index foods control blood pressure, lower abdominal obesity and maintain high blood sugar levels.

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Diabliss herbal food ingredients for diabetics Consuming large portions of foods made with regular cane sugar leads to many obesity and cardio-vascular issues. Artificial sweeteners also have significant health risks and a bitter chemical-like aftertaste. Luckily, there is a better alternative: Diabliss Herbal Sugar, the world’s 1st low glycemic index sugar for diabetics with a glycemic index score of less than 50! Made with herbs known for managing blood sugars, Diabliss diabetic friendly products come to you after more than a decade of rigorous research, clinical trials and encouraging reviews from customers and institutional buyers. Diabetics, prediabetics and everyone else can enjoy the sweetness of life without adverse consequences to health.

Less is more...

Low glycemic index sugar


Less is more...

With the underlying philosophy that Sugar can be healthy, sweet, and address the needs of all with no compramise in taste or texture of foods, Diabliss crafted log GI sugar that diabetics and everyone can use. We went one step further and infused functionality of increased sweetness when Diabliss Sugar is used in sweets or baked goods. How did we do this? By enhancing sweetness signaling sensed by taste receptors in the tongue. The result - sweets and baked goods that use between 15-45% less sugar while delivering the same sweetness of cane sugar. Say good bye to bitter after taste and health concerns of artificial sweeteners.

Diabliss Lemon Tea



Can diabetics consume beverages safely?

Most beverages are not in the list of foods for diabetics due to their high sugar content and blood sugar spiking. Diabliss has come to the rescue by introducing Diabliss Herbal Lemon tea, Diabliss Ginger Tea and Diabliss Masala Tea. These premixed teas have a refreshing taste, rich aroma and are completely safe for diabetics as they are scientifically proven to regulate blood sugar levels. Diabliss has introduced this range of beverages to fulfil their vision of providing diabetic friendly products that are safe to consume and do not compromise on taste.

Diabliss Cookies



Diabliss Snacks

Diabliss has also expanded the list of foods for diabetics by launching a range of healthy and low glycemic index snacks. Diabliss Millet Cookies, Diabliss Millet Cookies with Moringa Leaf and Diabliss Millet Cookies with Chia Seeds are scrumptious, crunchy, wholesome and nutritious snacks for diabetics, prediabetics and wellness conscious consumers. These cookies have zero cholesterol and zero trans-fats are very low in Glycemic Index.

Diabliss Atta



Healthy Food Grains

Diabliss has extended its scientific processes and innovative techniques to reduce the glycemic index of major food grains like rice, whole wheat flour and multigrain flour. With the underlying philosophy that healthy grains make healthy foods, Diabliss has transformed these food grains such that they can be used to create good foods for diabetics. They form the foundation for healthy nutrition for diabetics, prediabetics and wellness conscious customers. Diabliss has launched low GI atta and expects to launch low GI rice soon!

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Consumer Experiences

I had been a diabetic for 10 years when I came to Know about Diabliss Sugar. I started using It In my tea, coffee, payasam, sweets etc. I have been enjoying my sweets ever since and my sugar levels are under control. Hat's off to Diabliss.

Mr. Ram Mohan

A diabetic since 15 years found a way out for his happiness with Diabliss. Sweets are no more banned in his life, and using Diabliss diabetic friendly products has changed his life.

Mr. Kandhasamy

I heard about Diabliss sugar from my relatives and have been using it in my tea and coffee ever since, my sugar is under control and i am happy. Thank you Diabliss.

Mrs. Kaliammal

I have been a diabetic for 10 years and was asked not to use sugar in tea and coffee. I heard about Diabliss and Started using it. My sugar levels are normal and i am happy now to be able to enjoy sweets. Thank you Diabliss.

Mr. Kumar