Providing outstanding taste, formulation flexibility, range of consumer choices are well-known elements of the success of ready to serve beverage industry.  Diabliss provides a range of highly tested and researched low Glycemic Index (GI) cane sugars and multi grain wheat flour to the baking industry.

For the first time ever, Diabliss is able to lower GI of cane sugar using a colorless, odorless and tasteless herbal extract derived from seven herbs & spices (Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Gooseberry (Amla), Pomegranate, Black pepper, Turmeric and Ginger).  The herbal extract delivers clinically tested, extraordinary nutraceutical benefits while not altering the taste of cane sugar.  Unlike, artificial sweeteners, Diabliss Sugar allows complete formulation flexibility in beverages with no need to mask formulations due to after taste of artificial or high intensity sweeteners.

With almost 24% of the population being diabetic and another 20% pre-diabetic population in tier 1 cities, providing safe, effective and limitless beverage choices can bring smiles to your customers and provide you with a value added segment in your beverage portfolio.

Most importantly, Diabliss Sugar based beverages have the same taste as normal cane sugar based beverages with the only exception of them being usable by diabetics, pre-diabetics and wellness conscious.

Diabliss offers the following low GI sugar products for all your low GI beverage formulation needs:

Products SKU Details Glycemic Index (GI)
Diabliss Herbal Cane Sugar :
S-30 grade 5 kg, 10 kg Bulk Bags 45
Fine Crystal Grade 5 kg, 10 kg Bags 45
Diabliss Herbal Brown Sugar 5 kg, 10 kg Bags 47

Application information:

Diabliss Low GI cane sugars are a drop in replacement to cane sugar used in beverage manufacturers.  Diabliss Sugar based beverage products have been clinically tested to ensure product quality and efficacy so that they can be safely consumed by diabetics, pre-diabetic, obese and wellness conscious consumers.

Glycemic Index Clinical Data of Various Beverage Formulations

The following summarises typical formulation details and Glycemic Index of various beverage products:

Product with Diabliss Sugar Glycemic Index (GI)
Tea Pre-Mixes
Lemon Tea Premix 47
Ginger Tea 47
Masala Tea 46
Fruit Juices
Mango Juice - with Cane Sugar 62
Mango Juice - with Diabliss Sugar 42
Guava Juice 41
Pomegranate Juice 50
Market Cola with Normal Cane Sugar 74
Market Cola with Diabliss Sugar 52



Mango Juice

Cola Graph