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All round harsh knowledge pricing was continuously higher for males than for ladies and you can elizabeth

In the 1st decades class (up to 55 years), wait-number and you can transplant rates in the Austria was indeed equivalent for males and female. Throughout most other groups, crude event costs for hold off-list and you may transplantation have been highest in the people. This finding is in line to the decades-adjusted men-to-lady csHRs inside the Numbers 2 , ? ,3. 3 . When you compare the 2 nations, though both the waiting-checklist as well as the transplant enjoy costs have been throughout the twice as the packed with Austria versus United states, the fresh style over time was basically much the same. not, as well as getting deduced away from Figure 5 , on the 2nd generation (56–70 many years) in america one another enjoy pricing improved off 1995 ahead right up to

In the Data 4 , ? ,5 5 we inform you rough wait-list and you will transplant pricing for every single a hundred dialysis patient many years, by the intercourse and calendar year in the for every single nation, overall ( Contour 4 ) and also by age bracket ( Profile 5 )

Wait-checklist and you can transplant prices for each 100 dialysis diligent years regarding Us along with Austria (AUT) out-of 1995 to 2018, from the sex.