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New Grindr conflict: The master of their dating app?

Current articles on Grindr president Scott Chen post toward Facebook you to definitely “relationships try a great holy relationship between a man and you can a woman” have the wrong attract. To a lot of gay men, it’s more than can opens how to pick almost any you may be wanting, as long as it isn't a spouse.

Chen, a level, partnered man, reportedly generated this new post as a result toward recent Taiwan referendum one voted off a marriage equivalence measure. The guy defended their comment, creating further: “Why I told you matrimony is actually an excellent holy relationship ranging from an effective kid and you will a female is dependent on my own personal feel,” he printed. “I'm an even son hitched to a lady I adore and i keeps two breathtaking daughters I really like on the relationship. This is the way I believe about my personal marriage. Each person possess their some other feelings regarding their marriages. You can't refute my ideas regarding my marriage.”

The news headlines reports being released is actually quoting Chen plus the paradox-I suppose-one to his noticeable traditional viewpoints towards relationship is prevent to the people of one's supposed monolith off homosexual people and you can lesbians

I might establish wedding while the a pretty obsolete business, like the United kingdom monarchy-a romantic holdover of significantly more patriarchal moments whose usefulness often break down once the women experts and you may males experts attain genuine personal and you can monetary collateral and do not must struggle up against dominant classification passion that search only to exploit all of us.

Grindr, just in case you don't know try, in the polite providers, a homosexual “dating” app

As well as, my personal major queerness doesn't stay better that have just trying to become a lot more like heterosexuals.