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When you look at the Part 5 L-J considers the connection between veiling and social title on ancient greek language source

If you find yourself L-J implies that this new veil try a very crucial region off every single day Greek lives than simply earlier students possess admitted, their studies will have gained off an even more systematized membership away from the latest iconographic facts. Although the guy offers a synopsis unlike an exhaustive membership regarding veiling-styles in the Greek industry (cf. p. 41), the fresh addition away from a dining table list the latest provenance and times out-of the brand new archaeological specimens the guy specifically describes - plus the others that he a couple of times pertains - could have given their audience a sharper idea of exactly how widespread for every veil-design are, where particular looks was indeed well-known, in the event the appearances altered, and just how systematic alterations in design was basically across the Greek business.

If lady came up regarding their family in addition to shelter away from the woman male guardians, the brand new veil made this lady each other socially hidden and you may sexually inviolate and you can marked her while the assets of men whoever prize are reinforced by the each other their invisibility and you can chastity

Part cuatro examines brand new iconography of veiling in addition to difficulties inside it during the decryption ancient representations out of ladies top.