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What if diabetics could enjoy food without limitations? Diabliss saw the potential to find a sweet solution to this bitter problem. An innovative herbal mixture was created that miraculously reduced the glycemic index of cane sugar from 65 to less than 50! Thus the world’s first low GI sugar was born in India – a nation with an unapologetic sweet tooth. Diabliss diabetic-friendly sugar empowers diabetics. With Diabliss, they can prepare their favourite meals at home so no food is off-limits!

Rigorous product testing and development has been undertaken to ensure product efficacy on the lines of pharmaceutical companies. Diabliss swears by its continuous human clinical trials that are carried out under the guidance of trained medical professionals. It also follows ISO 22000-based manufacturing processes and systems.

Diabliss Products

We are <strong> Diabliss</strong>

Since 1992

Giving diabetics, prediabetics and your entire family the freedom of choice through our low GI products.


Made from All Good Things

Until now, diabetic-friendly sugar substitutes came with significant health risks and a bitter or chemical-like aftertaste. Not anymore. Diabliss presents the world’s first low GI Sugar for diabetics. Made with herbs known for controlling diabetes, Diabliss products come to you after a decade of rigorous research, clinical trials, and encouraging reviews from customers and institutional buyers. Diabetics, pre-diabetics, and everyone else can enjoy the sweetness of life without adverse consequences on health.
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Living with diabetes is living with restrictions. For many, parting with sugar is like taking monastic vows. But what if diabetics could eat anything and not feel guilty about it? This is one burning question that gave Diabliss Inventors many sleepless nights.





10 Years

of Research & Development

Diabliss Products

Marketed under the brand name Diabliss, the Low GI Goods can be used to prepare everything that was considered “off-limits” to diabetics. Diabliss products are good for Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes and for General Health & Wellness.


Extend Beyond Diabetes; Building of a Global Brand

Clinical studies in other areas that encompass metabolic syndrome; Global patents for new product areas; PAN India and global scale up; Comprehensive launch into GCC

Patents filed; R&D into much broader areas of food & nutrition

Next generation herbal technologies: Patents files and extension into other carbohydrates also being pursued patent protection; R&D extended to various aspects of metabolic syndrome showing significant promise; Scale up of retail business into Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh

Next Generation technology commercialized; US launch; R&D into new areas

Next generation technology to enhance efficacy commercialized; First shipment to the US with 7-new SKUs; Wheat and rice and derivative products developed for retail launches

Business scale-up in India and exports ; More Industry accolades

Retail operations in Maharashtra, scale up of business in Punjab; Exports to Mauritius, Yemen, French Caribbean; Detailed review and planning for US launch; Awarded as the most innovative supplier two years in a row at FI 2016

e-Commerce launch, Business/Product Scale-up, Industry Recognitions

eCommerce launched through Diabliss web site & Amazon; Diabliss launched in Punjab; Herbal technology successfully applied to other carbohydrate platforms; Diabliss voted the most innovative ingredient supplier at FI (Food Ingredients) Expo

Successful completion of 100-subject 2nd clinical trial

Successfully completed 100-subject clinical trial in a leading medical institution in type 2 diabetics; Diabliss herbal technology confirms safety and efficacy in long term use;  Diabliss launched in S. India in retail.  B2B sales initiated in bakeries; Exports to France & French Caribbean Islands

Successful completion 1st human clinical trial

Product showing great potential in terms of lowering of fasting and postprandial blood sugars and lipids in type 2 diabetics

Product Safety Demonstrated

Successfully completed animal toxicity studies; Product awarded maximum GRAS (Globally Regarded as Safe) rating of 5 based on results from toxicology studies


Low Glycemic Herbal solution first discovered by Dr. Rajalakshmi; Glycemic Index of cane sugar lowered by 30% without altering taste

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Awards and Honors

Diabliss Food Ingredients
Diabliss voted as the most innovative ingredient supplier by industry participants two years in a row at this prestigious industry exposition 

Diabliss Award Frost Sullivan
2016 India Best Practices Awards recipient in the India Health & Wellness Innovative Product / Service Idea of the Year Award

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