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Skin Care

Current Anti-ageing products vs. Diabliss Herbal Water

Today, there are a dizzying number of anti-ageing products and therapies.  They include moisturizing cosmetics, anti-oxidant cosmetics, biologically active cosmetics and serums.

Most of these products and therapies tend to be topical in nature.  You apply these products topically and expect these products to penetrate the skin layers and deliver the core benefits.

Diabliss Herbal Wates to Nurture Healthy Skin is a new category of products called Cosmeceuticals. Instead of topically applying myriad of products on the surface of the skin, here you consume nutraceuticals which enter into the blood stream and deliver the needed functionality. As Diabliss Herbal Waters are uniquely created from a multi-component patent pending water-soluble technology, we are delivering outstanding efficacy and effectiveness by delivering beneficial ingredients to the root of the skin care issues to deliver benefits

Skin Ageing & Damage

The skin structure is held firmly by a protein called Collagen which is found in the dermis layer of the skin.  Elastin is another protein that provides elasticity to skin.  Fibroblasts are cells that secrete collagen.

After the age of 20, a person produces about 1 percent less collagen in the skin each year which is part of the normal ageing process called intrinsic ageing.  Ageing of the skin is accelerated by over exposure to sun and this is called extrinsic ageing.

When young, skin cells turn over quickly, but that turnover rate begins to slow with age and skin loses its luster and begins to look dull.

Signs of ageing includes facial wrinkles, pigmentation, fine lines, crow’s feet and Nasolabial folds.

Cosmeceuticals Approach to Hair Care & Skin Care

Diabliss Herbal Waters for hair care and skin care provide solution through “inside out” approach vs. current topical solutions which produce solutions by “outside in” approach as shown in this figure.

In Diabliss’ water-based cosmeceuticals approach, the necessary nutrients are delivered to the hair follicles and surrounding skin tissues through the blood stream. Due to water based, multi-herb systems, all aspects of hair care issues are addressed holistically. By going to the root of the problem, outstanding results in hair growth, density, follicle strength, shine, body, & scalp coverage are being delivered.

Herbal Water Ingredients to Nurture Healthy Skin

*Benefits are based on clinical studies of single ingredients

Clinical Data Review

Diabliss Herbal Water to Nurture Healthy Skin was tested in a 90-day clinical study & evaluated anti-aging properties among 40 male and female subjects aged between 35-50 years.

Subjects showed improvements in:

  • Depigmentation
  • Skin Clarity
  • Improved Skin Texture
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Skin Tone
  • Hydration & Skin Glow

% Improvement on Day 90 vs. Baseline:

Photographic & Instrument Evaluations

Anterra Skin Texture photographs on Day 0 vs Day 90 for Subject 1, a 47-Year Old Female. Polarised light analysis shows less spots on day 90 which is indicative of a smoother skin. Skin Texture improved by 39% for this subject on Day 90 of the clinical trial period.

52% improvement in skin wrinkles was measured by Antera®. The instrument images highlight lowering of skin wrinkles in the forehead area.

Spot Reduction

Spots Reduction here is shown for Subject 4, a 38 year old female. Significant reduction in spots can be seen by day 90 of consuming Diabliss Herbal Water to Nurture Healthy Skin.

Spot Reduction

Improvement in skin complexion and reduction in skin pigmentation can clearly be seen for a 39-year old male subject by the end of the clinical trial.

Clinical Study Publication

Clinical trial data of 40 male and female subjects using Diabliss Herbal Water for Nurturing Healthy Skin has been published in the International journal.


Frequently asked questions

What is bio-availability?

The proportion of an ingredient which enters the blood circulation when introduced into the body is termed as bio-availability.

Why is bio-availability important?

As blood transports to every part of the body, foods and nutrients we consume are digested or converted into a water-soluble form which is the most effective pathway for the nutrients to be transported to various organs through the blood stream to deliver beneficial properties.

The human body contains over 60% water.  In human body, brain and heart are composed richard mille rm 023 replica of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and the bones are 31%.

As Diabliss Herbal Waters are uniquely created from a multi-component patent pending water-soluble technology, we are delivering outstanding efficacy and effectiveness due to high bio-availability and tackling multiple mechanisms of action.

Is Diabliss Herbal Water to Nurture Healthy Skin a medication?

Diabliss Herbal Water to Nurture Healthy Skin is not a medication. It is an adjuvant which provides support in Overall skin health including delivering anti-ageing characteristics such as wrinkles, improving elasticity, hydration & glow and reducing spots and pigmentation. Consumers should consult their dermatologist.

Is Diabliss Herbal Water to Nurture Healthy Skin safe?

Diabliss Herbal Water to Nurture Healthy Skin is made with 100% herbs and spices. These traditional food herbs and spices have been used in Indian and international cuisines for 1000s of years and have also been studied by leading global medical research organizations for their safety and efficacy.

Can you substantiate with scientific data to back up your claims?

Unlike many herbal products who do not have actual clinical data on the efficacy of their herbal supplements, Diabliss has conducted human clinical trials with Diabliss Herbal Water to Nurture Healthy Skin among 39 female and male subjects for a period of 90 days. While the clinical data have demonstrated substantial benefits, note that individual results may vary and consumers should continue to follow the regimen prescribed by their dermatologists under usual monitored conditions.

How does Diabliss Herbal Water to Nurture Healthy Skin help me?

Diabliss Herbal Water to Nurture Healthy Skin is specially formulated with 19 food-based herbs and spices which are known to address all aspects of skin care including improvement of skin elasticity, tone, hydration, glow, texture and reduction in spots and pigmentation. Further, with Diabliss’ multi-component patent pending water-soluble technology, we are delivering outstanding efficacy and effectiveness due to high bio-availability and tackling multiple mechanisms of action.

How does Diabliss Herbal Water nurture healthy skin when compared to other skin care treatments?

Diabliss Herbal Water to Nurture Healthy Skin is a cosmeceutical product. It cannot be compared with most skin care treatments that are administered topically. We believe in the core philosophy that targeted food ingredients deliver nutraceutical values and benefits in skin care from inside out, i.e, by consuming these nutraceuticals in a water-based bio-available form, the skin heals from within holistically and not superficially unlike most skin care products in the market.

Can I consume Skin Care herbal waters along with other herbal waters?

Diabliss Herbal Waters to Nurture Healthy Skin and other herbal waters are made with food grade herbs and spices which have been used in human cuisines for 1000s of years, thereby assuring safety. The quantity of each of the herbs & spices used in the suggested daily quantity for both the herbal waters put together tends to be within FSSAI recommended limits. As always, consumers should consult their physicians prior to starting consumption of Diabliss Herbal Waters.

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Rajasree, Age 45, Hyderabad

I have been consuming Diabliss Herbal Waters every day for last five month. I see overall improvement in my skin health, including black spots under my eyes, reduction in wrinkles and improvement in skin texture. I am very happy with this product.

Hema, Age 18, Chennai

I am so happy to note my skin on my hands appears to look better in terms of dark areas near my knuckles. I can also see the difference in my legs with spots also reducing. All this in three months since consuming Diabliss Herbal Waters. Thanks!!

Bhagyashree, Age 18, Bangalore

I have been consuming Diabliss Herbal Waters religiously for six months. I see overall reduction in blemishes on my feet. I also see mu toe nails to improve significantly which was a surprise. I am very happy to see these improvements!!

Nalini, Mumbai

Our seven year old daughter was suffering from Eczema. We tried many medical interventions under the guidance of our dermatologist with no avail. We then came across Diabliss herbal waters and in six months of herbal waters use her Eczema condition is 90% better and almost not visible. It has been over a year since we stopped use of herbal waters and the condition has not recurred. We are extremely grateful to Diabliss for this outstanding product.