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DiaBliss Diabetic Friendly Guava Jam 225g




DiaBliss Diabetic Friendly Guava Jam 225g

Childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes are at an all-time high. Our modern-day lifestyle, where children are spending more time on screens and not on the playing field, is responsible for the rising cases of obesity, cholesterol, prediabetes and other problems in children. There are fewer opportunities for children to burn calories and shed excess fat which has led to the obesity epidemic.

In addition to that, children’s diets lack essential ingredients to support their nutritional needs. Most kids prefer junk food that is rich in trans-fat, cholesterol, fatty substances, etc. Children are persuaded by fancy and colorful packaging, celebrity endorsements and peer pressure to indulge in unhealthy food. They succumb to food rich in calories and sugar that, unknown to children, is linked to heart disease, diabetes, etc. There is a lack of healthy green vegetables, muscle building proteins, and sugar-free products in their meals.

Diabliss wants to bring about a positive change in the lives of people of all ages. The company has created products that have benefitted patients with diabetes and prediabetes. Diabetes patients now have the choice to eat healthy, low glycemic index food and sugar-free products thanks to Diabliss. The company has noticed the difficulties that parents go through to maintain a healthy diet for children. Thus, Diabliss has launched Diabliss Diabetic Friendly Guava Jam for prediabetics, diabetics and parents who want to cater to their children’s desire to eat sweet food, but not compromise on their health.

Diabliss Diabetic Friendly Guava Jam is made from fresh, organic fruits such as tropical mangoes, papayas, pineapples, bananas, apples, grapes, and citric oranges. Diabliss’ Herbal Sugar is used in this jam to provide the sweet taste – it is the world’s 1st low glycemic index sweetener made from natural ingredients and herbal extracts. The combination produces a jam that has a yummy, fruity taste and spreads evenly on bread and rotis. Scientific testing and research have proved that Diabliss herbal and sugar-free products do not rapidly elevate a person’s blood glucose levels, therefore, the jam is perfect for diabetics, prediabetics, and health-conscious individuals.

Besides being a low GI food, this healthy diabetic jam is rich in anti-oxidants that are derived from herbal extracts – the roots of which are found in an ancient classical Indian medicine system. Foods rich in anti-oxidants help strengthen the immune system and also prevent the onset of heart disease and cancer. The herbal extract used in Diabliss diabetic jam is made from several herbs and spices such as Guava, black pepper, turmeric, fenugreek, ginger, pomegranate, and gooseberry. There are many health benefits associated with these herbs.

The jams from other brands do not have many of the benefits offered by Diabliss Diabetic Friendly Guava Jam. They are loaded with sugar and preservatives that are responsible for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Diabliss Diabetic Friendly Guava Jam contains cane sugar that has been refined by natural ingredients to reduce its glycemic index. Unlike other healthy food that doesn’t taste as good as their unhealthy counterparts, Diabliss Diabetic Friendly Guava Jam has a lovely, sweet and fruity flavor.

Diabliss Diabetic Friendly Guava Jam can be enjoyed by adults and children. Adults can have it for breakfast and afternoon by spreading a dollop on bread, rotis, crackers, and biscuits. Working professionals can also carry jam sandwiches to the office to enjoy them in the evening – this can also reduce snacking on high-calorie food. When blood glucose levels fall, sandwiches made with Diabliss Diabetic Friendly Guava Jam can quickly replenish them. Children would love Diabliss Diabetic Friendly Guava Jam in all meals as it fulfills their craving for sugar while maintaining their blood glucose.

Diabliss Diabetic Friendly Guava Jam can be bought on the company’s website and Amazon. It is available in the 225g Bottle that can be easily stored at home in the fridge. It also makes for a great gift for prediabetics and diabetics who are looking to have more sugar-free products.

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