What if diabetics could enjoy food without limitations? Diabliss saw the potential to find a sweet solution to this bitter problem. An innovative herbal mixture was created that miraculously reduced the glycemic index of cane sugar from 65 to less than 50! Thus, the world’s first low GI sugar was born in India – a nation with an unapologetic sweet tooth.

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I had been a diabetic for 10 years when I came to Know about Diabliss Sugar. I started using It In my tea, coffee, payasam, sweets etc. I have been enjoying my sweets ever since and my sugar levels are under control. Hat's off to Diabliss.

Mr. Ram Mohan

A diabetic since 15 years found a way out for his happiness with Diabliss. Sweets are no more banned in his life, and using Diabliss diabetic friendly products has changed his life.

Mr. Kandhasamy

I heard about Diabliss sugar from my relatives and have been using it in my tea and coffee ever since, my sugar is under control and i am happy. Thank you Diabliss.

Mrs. Kaliammal

I have been a diabetic for 10 years and was asked not to use sugar in tea and coffee. I heard about Diabliss and Started using it. My sugar levels are normal and i am happy now to be able to enjoy sweets. Thank you Diabliss.

Mr. Kumar