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A design for exploring long hours as well as their effect on parents: provided "wellbeing"

Although not, few degree given a very holistic dialogue of a number of affects out-of much time doing work days on families, with even fewer like the sounds out-of family on their own

  • get an understanding of brand new impression out-of much time working occasions for the friends life and you can relatives welfare
  • get an understanding of elements parents envision when making decisions regarding the working extended hours, like the instances did, exactly who works her or him, and character of cash(s)
  • mention this new change-offs one to operating very long hours involve, for both the nearest and dearest as a whole additionally the individual(s) performing long hours
  • talk about the reason why relatives functions long drawn out hours
  • discuss how exterior things like take a trip time impact the effects from a lot of time operating occasions.