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Even though this idea can not be demonstrated, and you can Dane is responsible for halting the latest Andover process, Robinson makes an unfounded presumption

Deodat Lawson

Local historian Enders Robinson in his guide Salem Witchcraft ended of the above issues the Andover event is a primary conspiracy out of Barnard up against Dane. Barnard is actually very respected together with read that have Cotton Mather at the Harvard. Mather try among the many most useful proponents of the examples and you can the importance of purging the fresh new nest regarding witches. Barnard was not the actual only real minister at the time getting tempted to Mather's convincing theological arguments. Inside Barnard's brain, generating the fresh witch products could perhaps was an educated situation he might do for their congregation. You have to and additionally observe that because Dane's opposition movement gained impetus, Barnard sided with Dane along side courts.