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Elizabeth Parris testified at the these samples you to she is actually tormented by spectral visions ones people

No body understands exactly what the Betty Parris and her females loved ones have been feeling, nonetheless it manifested by itself because strange postures, stupid and ridiculous message, distempers, and you can matches. John Hale in the A moderate Query described the brand new problem that the women sustained from the saying it searched as if they "was indeed bitten and you can constricted of the hidden agencies; their arms, necks, and you may backs turned in that way hence method, and you may came back back again, in order it had been impossible to enable them to do from by themselves, and you will not in the energy from Epileptick matches, otherwise pure condition so you're able to perception. Sometimes they have been removed stupid, the mouths eliminated, their throats choked, the limbs wracked and you will tormented whilst you will disperse a heart away from stone so you can sympathize with them." Nearby medical practitioner, William Griggs, recognized E Parris as being put through the brand new "Worst Hand," often called witchcraft. Rev. Samuel Parris imagine it actually was "an incredibly sore rebuke and you can humbling providence that Lord purchased the latest horrid disaster to break away first in [his] members of the family." Given that people with witchcraft was in fact considered to be new sufferers away from a crime, town attempted to select the perpetrators.