In Depraved Instantiation (Region 2), Emori plus Marcus Kane violent storm new tower

She is electrocuted and you can knocked involuntary immediately following Octavia Blake distracts him or her. Later, she awakens and you may gets in the new tower. She starts to walk towards the Murphy, who's putting Ontari's heart whenever Clarke Griffin ruins A good.L.I.Elizabeth.. She awakens and you will calls Murphy's name. Murphy rushes over to the girl and embrace.

She cries and you can apologizes to Murphy

Within the Gimme Security, she overhears a conversation between Clarke and Abigail about looking for some one toward Nightblood rays try out. Fearing one once the she is a Frikdreina you to she'd become the one utilized, Emori lays concerning term regarding a beneficial Grounder scavenger.

For the Praimfaya, Emori plus the someone else for the Becca's lab view through drone just like the the new passing revolution moves Polis. Raven Reyes says to him or her they've ninety times prior to it must discharge. When you are she helps to creating the fresh rocket, she sees Reflect simply reputation and you may tells the lady so you're able to hurry up. After, she listens when Raven discovers that communications program on the new skyrocket is actually broken beyond repair. L.We.E. sent by herself on the Ark, Emori remembers one to A good.L.We.E. used the pod throughout the temple to do it. Raven then directs Emori, Harper McIntyre and you may Mirror back once again to the skyrocket to end the brand new restraints. When Raven and Harper have been in new lab carrying the new fresh air creator, Emori assists Harper take it towards the rocket. Whenever Harper says this woman is going back to select Monty Eco-friendly, Emori will get concerned with John Murphy. Whenever Bellamy and Murphy come back holding a damage Monty, Emori and you may Murphy embrace. Raven tells visitors to help you fill-up their fresh air tanks and you will board brand new skyrocket.