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As EEI expands, the amount contained in this brackets gets to be more negative for the worthy of

EEI develops sometimes right down to improving overall energy efficiency for every device out-of HWE or because of the replacing fossil fuels that have alternative sources of energy, we.elizabeth. either because of the coming down FFEC or from the expanding HWE.

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In the Table nine less than, articles An excellent-C reveal brand new each capita GDP, PDI, and EWI (PDI adjusted to have inequality into the PPP 2005 all over the world cash). Columns D-F tell you results on the indices to own a position, studies and energy. Columns Grams H let you know the final adjusted person interests index HEWI and HEWI since the a good % out of for each and every capita GDP. Info is to own 2005.

Even as we spotted before, Us positions initial during the GDP for every capita with a regard twenty eight% more than 2nd ranked Uk; but when opposed in terms of HEWI, the usa is eleven% highest. Brand new GDP gap between U . s . and you can Sweden is 29%, during regards to HEWI it is 26%.