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Jana Hocking: Problem with 'simple' Tinder trick

If you believe the research, there's apparently a very simple trick to get more right-swipes on dating apps - all you need is a hound and a camera.

But in my experience, a puppy is not always the ultimate thirst-trap - it can sometimes be a massive hindrance to your love life.

According to a recent survey by Tinder, 59 per cent of Aussies admit to dating someone because they have a dog. Yep, and 45 per cent of swipers are more likely to swipe right on someone's picture if they have a dog on their social media and dating app profiles.


Now that's all fine and well, but what if your dog is the devil. I'm not joking. I'll set the scene for you ... it's the day of my 30th birthday and it's safe to say I'm having a meltdown. Yes, I had listened to society's standards and decided that 30 was OLD! How the heck did I get to this age without a partner, kids or any form of responsibility?

(Upon reflection it's probably because I have a deep-seated fear of commitment, no maternal instincts for a child, and enjoy a rather hedonistic life, but 30-year old Jana hadn't got the memo yet.)