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8) ?? ?? ? ???. (Jigeum jeonhwa mot batneunde.)

It is one of many you'll be able to factors the call receiver you are going to give your with the other people not being readily available. Here are even more grounds you could tune in to:

  • ??????. (Mitingjungimnida.) – “He/she actually is when you look at the an event.”
  • ????????. (Jeomsimsiksajungimnida.) – “He/the woman is that have meal.”
  • ?? ??? ? ????. (Jigeum jarie a keen gyesimnida.) – “He/this woman is not inside the/the woman seat nowadays.”
  • ?? ??????. (Oebu mitingjungimnida.) “He/she actually is out on a conference.”

A: ??? ?? ??? ????? (Yeona ssii jigeum jarie gyesingayo?) – “Is it possible to consult with Yeona, delight?” B: ??? ?? ??????. (Yeona ssii jigeum tonghwajungimnida) – “Yeona is on the device nowadays.”

7) ???. (Jamkkanman.) / ??. (Jamman.)

?? (jamman) try a shortened kind of ??? (jamkkanman), and it's really experienced a slang term. Both sizes indicate “wait,” plus they are better utilized one of friends instead of in business settings.

A: ? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ??? ?? ???? (Na jibe yeolsoe dugo gan geot gateunde hanbeon bwajullae?) “I do believe I left my important factors at your home. Are you willing to glance at they for me personally?”

B: ??, ?? ????? ?? ? ???. (Mian, jigeum syawo sorry, I'm bringing a bath therefore i cannot cam immediately.”

> Can ask about others as well as how they have been within our session Contacting Skype II (Just how Ya Already been?).

six. Making a contact

If you've made an unexpected phone call only to find out who you need speak with is actually not available, you can query to depart a contact. Listed below are three Korean phone phrases you could use:

1) ?????? ??????? (Jeonhwahaesseotdago jeonhaejusillaeyo?)

A: ????? ???? ?? ??? ?????. ???? ??????? (Joesonghajiman yeona ssiga jamsi jarireul biweotseumnida.