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Someone do know for sure that they are crazy

That isn't to suggest the guy sucks otherwise you are broken. In my opinion, it's an indicator this particular isn’t a good fit. Which is sad, sad, unfortunate. However, existence together won't decrease that depression. Regrettably, the sole treatment for that certain agony should be to independent and you will let your life build additional rules, so that their minds refill that have an excellent, effortless issues that cannot come full of doubt and you can nervousness.

I am aware rather than a trace regarding a doubt that i are crazy about my newest date, and i also wasn't previously in love with my very first boyfriend

Today, let us get to the second part of your conundrum - relationship phobia. Adhering to some one for two decades appears like a relationship in order to me personally, therefore even though you are afraid of making long-identity choices (a fair concern, i think), your seem to be performing a pretty dang a good jobs off pressing as a consequence of.