Baked goods are generally avoided by diabetics and prediabetics because of high sugar content. This sugar results in an elevated blood glucose level. Now bakeries can create a range of low glycemic index foods using Diabliss’ diabetic friendly products. Diabliss Herbal Sugar can be used to create diabetic-friendly versions of cakes, cookies and other items. The herbal sugar has a low glycemic index in comparison to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. Using Diabliss Herbal Sugar can reduce the glycemic index of baked goods to a great extent. The baking industry can also use Diabliss Whole Wheat Atta, another low glycemic index product, to make baked goods like puffs, wraps, rolls, etc. This opens new business avenues for the baking industry because they can cater to the needs of diabetics and pre-diabetics who avoid baked goods. Diabliss diabetic friendly products give outstanding taste, texture and crunchiness to baked goods. Diabliss products have been clinically tested and approved for patients with diabetes.


Indians are known to have a sweet tooth. A testament to this quality is the presence of a variety of Indian sweets. Diabetics and prediabetics generally avoid sweets because they increase their blood glucose levels in an unhealthy manner. Sweet shops can use Diabliss Herbal Sugar to create diabetic-friendly versions of popular Indian sweets and other low glycemic index foods. Unlike artificial sweeteners, Diabliss Herbal sugar doesn’t have a bitter chemical taste. Sweets made from this herbal sugar taste exactly the same as the ones created with refined sugar. Diabliss Herbal Sugar has a low glycemic index value of less than 50. This makes it ideal for creating low glycemic index foods for diabetics and prediabetics. Sweet shops can also use Diabliss Whole Wheat Atta to create diabetic-friendly versions of foods like Samosa, Kachori, etc.


Beverages are loaded with sugar and preservatives which are a cause for concern for diabetics and prediabetics. Artificial sweeteners are not a good alternative to refined sugar as they harm the body and also have a bitter chemical taste. That’s where Diabliss can provide a sweet solution with its herbal sugar. Diabliss Herbal Sugar is a low glycemic index sugar which is all-natural, safe and diabetic friendly. It has a glycemic index of less than 50 which makes it perfect for diabetics and prediabetics. Diabliss Herbal sugar can dissolve easily in beverage preparations and give an amazing, refreshing taste. It is also been scientifically tested and proven safe for consumption by patients with diabetes. Thus beverage manufacturers can hit the sweet spot with Diabliss Herbal Sugar.


We all scream for ice creams because they taste delicious and have an amazing cold texture. Diabetics and prediabetics on the other hand scream in misery because they cannot enjoy ice creams. Ice creams are full of sugar which can cause an unhealthy spike in a diabetic’s blood sugar that lead to harmful consequences. Ice cream makers can make low glycemic index versions of their sweet goods with Diabliss Herbal Sugar. Diabliss Herbal Sugar is a cane sugar product that is scientifically proven to help diabetics maintain a healthy blood glucose level. It is safe for consumption and has an amazing, sweet flavour. Unlike artificial sweeteners, Diabliss Herbal Sugar doesn’t harm the body and have a bitter chemical taste. It is surprising that ice cream would make the list of low glycemic index foods, but Diabliss Herbal Sugar makes this possible. Ice creams also retain a rich, creamy texture and delicious sweet taste when made with Diabliss.


Diabliss has always strived to enrich the lives of diabetics and prediabetics. After introducing the world’s first low glycemic index sugar, Diabliss has now created innovations in major food grains like rice, whole wheat flour and multigrain flour. By using Diabliss scientific methods, food grains are refined with a proprietary mix of herbal ingredients to reduce their glycemic index drastically. This makes the food grains diabetic-friendly and safe for consumption by diabetics and prediabetics. Using products like Diabliss Whole Wheat Atta, people can make low glycemic index foods that do not increase blood glucose in an unhealthy manner.