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Diabliss Masala Chai 100g


Diabliss launches a perfect and natural tea for diabetics and prediabetics with Diabliss Masala Chai. It is a premixed tea that can be enjoyed by just adding either hot water or milk to it. This ready to drink tea is appropriate for diabetics and prediabetics because it is scientifically proven to maintain blood glucose at optimal levels.

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Indians love to drink tea – they have it in the morning and afternoon as a daily routine. The beverage is enjoyed at home and outdoors at cafes and roadside vendors. But little do people know that this favourite beverage of theirs might be harming their body in the long run. Tea is generally made with copious amounts of sugar – a substance that is linked with obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Excess sugar has a negative effect on blood glucose level as it has the ability to raise it very rapidly. This is an alarming condition for diabetics and prediabetics as such offshoots in blood sugar will cause complications of diabetes. Thus people with diabetes need to either reduce their consumption of sugar or use artificial sweeteners.

We all know that tea made with artificial sweeteners doesn’t taste the same. Artificial sweeteners have a bitter chemical taste that reduces the pleasure of drinking the beverage. Long term consumption of artificial sweeteners in tea, coffee, and other beverages will harm the body with irreversible damage. Thus even the compromise in taste is of no consequence if the body is harmed in the long run.

Diabliss Masala Chai is not a compromise but an indulgence. This natural tea for diabetics and prediabetics is produced from the best of ingredients. It is made with the right combination of tasty, zingy tea spices. The tea leaves used in making Diabliss Masala Chai are plucked from the serene hills of Ooty – a destination known for its superior tea plantations. The tea is aromatic, flavourful and rejuvenating just the way Indians like it!

Diabliss Masala Chai is also sweet to taste without a bitter chemical flavor. The sugar used in this natural tea is Diabliss’ very own herbal sugar – the world’s 1st low glycemic index sweetener. Scientifically proven to regulate and maintain blood glucose levels, the herbal sugar is safe and healthy for diabetics and pre-diabetics to consume. It has the right amount of sweetness that is desired by every tea drinker.

This natural tea can be made easily by mixing it with hot water or milk. The convenience of Diabliss Masala Chai makes it the best companion for tea on the go – while traveling, at work, etc. A beverage that can be sipped at any time and any place. It can help diabetics and prediabetics reduce their urges to have tea made by roadside vendors who add sugar generously.

Diabliss’ Masala Chai is one of the company’s three low glycemic index teas that have a glycemic index value as low as 50. Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea and Diabliss Ginger Tea are two other energizing teas that are fit for consumption by diabetics, prediabetics and fitness enthusiasts. Both the teas are made from the choicest of ingredients for a strong flavour and Diabliss Herbal Sugar for the desired sweetness.

Diabliss Masala Chai is available for purchase on the company’s website and Amazon in a 100g pack. It can also be bought as a Combo Tea pack which includes the company’s natural teas such as Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea, Diabliss Masala Chai, and Diabliss Ginger Tea. The combo pack is a great gifting option to introduce a healthy lifestyle to friends and family.

Diabliss Masala Chai gives prediabetics and diabetics the opportunity to continue their tea drinking habit. Else they would have no other option but to reduce their tea consumption or resort to adding unnatural sweeteners to their tea and make do with a bitter chemical taste. This natural tea makes diabetics believe that they can live life with all of its sweetness and pleasures.


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