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Diabliss puts together all of its renowned diabetic products in a single pack of awesomeness with Diabliss Combo Pack! It includes some of the company’s popular diabetic products like Diabliss Herbal Sugar, Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea, Diabliss Mixed Fruit Jam and Diabliss Millet Cookies. Each of these products has a low glycemic index value (as low as 50). Consumers can also receive an attractive discount of INR 50 on Diabliss Combo Pack. It can’t get better than this!


The number of patients with Diabetes is on the rise globally. The disease’s impact is felt the most in India, which is now referred to as the Diabetes capital of the world. According to a report published in First Post, Diabetes is India’s fastest growing disease with around 72 million cases recorded in 2017. The number of cases is anticipated to almost double by 2025. Thus, there is a growing need for diabetic products which can help these affected individuals manage the condition.

Diabetes leads to a number of complications such as heart attacks, blindness, and other life-threatening issues. If not kept in check, Diabetes can seriously harm the well-being of individuals and their families. People with Diabetes are desperate for diabetic products that can help them stay healthy and active.

Diabliss wants to extend a helping hand to such aggrieved individuals by delivering healthy, low glycemic index foods with a delicious taste. To fulfill this endeavor, Diabliss has launched an entire range of diabetic friendly foods that do not increase blood glucose in an unhealthy way. Low glycemic index foods are known for helping in weight management, controlling blood sugar, and reducing risk of heart disease and Diabetes. The company’s low glycemic index products give people with Diabetes a less restricted life and improved wellness.

After extensive research of 10 years, Diabliss managed to create a process that reduced the glycemic index value of cane sugar. This remarkable feat was achieved by refining cane sugar with herbs such as fenugreek, amla, curcumin, black pepper, pomegranate, etc. The glycemic index value of Diabliss Herbal Sugar is lower than 50, thereby making it the world’s 1st low glycemic index sugar. Rigorous scientific testing and clinical trials have proven that Diabliss doesn’t cause unnecessary elevations in blood glucose levels. Diabetics can now manage their health without compromising on taste. They can even enjoy desserts when such food is made with Diabliss Herbal Sugar.

The revolutionary sweetener has led to many derivative foods which are also low on the glycemic index. The range includes herbal teas, mixed fruit jam, diabetic cookies and more. These products are scientifically verified to be safe for diabetics and prediabetics owning to the balanced blood glucose levels after consumption. They also give diabetics options for healthy snacks and beverages which are lower in availability compared to high glycemic index variants.

Diabliss Combo Pack is not just for diabetics and prediabetics. Even fitness enthusiasts and wellness conscious people can reap benefits. A low glycemic index diet has many advantages such as blood glucose control, reduction in lipids and fats, improved digestion, etc. Such diets may help in controlling obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Diabliss Combo Pack has a wide variety of low glycemic index products which taste great and help in weight management.

Let’s look at each of the diabetic products in the combo:
• Diabliss Herbal Sugar – A natural sweetener with low glycemic index value as low as 50. It mixes well in food and delivers a scrumptious sweet flavor.
• Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea – A premixed tea with the fresh extracts of lemon. It is rich in anti-oxidants and has an organic, zesty lemon taste. The glycemic index value of the
product is as low as 50.
• Diabliss Millet Cookies – A healthy snack for diabetics made from the choicest Millet grains and Diabliss Herbal Sugar. Tasty, healthy and crunchy, these diabetic cookies have
it all.
• Diabliss Mixed Fruit Jam – A tasty jam made from fresh fruits and Diabliss Herbal Sugar. The glycemic index value is much lower than other jams in the market and the taste is
even better.

So bring home a range of healthy diabetic products for your family, or give the gift of good health to your friends with Diabliss Combo Pack.


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