A twist to the classic blueberry mug cake, this one is a healthy treat that I most often use as my trump card during hurried times with sudden guests visiting or when I can think of nothing else to satiate my sweet palate…

I have used Diabliss Sugar creating that extra healthy note that compliments the mix of oats and wheat flour.

As simple as it looks, this one is magical, since you can just about pour everything in a cup and microwave it for a min. And if you desire a fancy take to impress your guests, then all you need is just add some toppings, compotes, jams or anything that you wish to make this a stunning dessert that is worth indulging.


8 to 10 –  Blueberries (fresh)
1.5 tbsp – Wheat flour (atta)
1.5 tbsp – Oats flour
1/4 tsp – Baking powder
1.5 tbsp – Sugar (Diabliss Sugar)
2 tbsp – Milk
1 tbsp – Oil
1/8 th tsp – Vanilla essence
Baking soda a pinch


Step 1 :
Whisk together all the ingredients till combined

Step 2:
Add the blueberries & Stir well

Step 3:
Put the cup in the microwave for 60sec

Step 4:
Cool for a few minutes

Step 5:
Serve with your favorite ice cream or jam or blueberry compote as a topping!

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Thanks to Indrani Sarma