Diabliss Honoured to Welcome Dr Arun Chockalingam to Its Advisory Board


Diabliss is pleased to welcome Dr Arun Chockalingam to its advisory board. His addition to the board strengthens Diabliss’ resolve to provide innovative low GI products to diabetics. A few of Dr Chockalingam’s honours include being a world renowned public health practitioner and Secretary General of the World Hypertension League.

Dr Chockalingam is passionate about global health research, particularly on non-communicable disease prevention and control in low-and middle-income countries. He has established research collaborations in China, India, Germany, etc.

His multidisciplinary research interests go beyond cardiovascular health to household air pollution, mental health as well as congruency of health, agriculture and economics. He has published over 180 papers, 11 book chapters and 2 books, serving currently as the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Non communicable diseases (www.ijncd.org) an editorial board member and reviewer for numerous journals, and was editor-in-chief of the Journal of Hypertension Control (1994-1999) and associate editor of CVD Prevention (1992-1988). He has been a reviewer for research granting agencies, such as the Canadian Institute of Health Research, the NIH/NHLBI, and the European Commission. He has also organized several national and international conferences in Canada and abroad. To his credit he was one of the authors of the United Nation’s Resolution 66-A (2011) on Prevention and Control of non communicable diseases.

Dr Chockalingam is a fellow of the American Heart Association, the American College of Cardiology and the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences. He has also received many prestigious awards including the Canadian Deputy Minister of Health’s Recognition Award (1997), the Canadian Cardiovascular Society’s Harold Segal Award of Merit (1998), the Canadian Institute of Health Research President’s Recognition Award (2005), the Blood Pressure Canada’s George Fodor Award (2007), the Canadian Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage’s Medal of Honor (2007), and the Simon Dack Award from the Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York (2013). He is a recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canada India Network Society (2018).

Mr VR. Ramanathan, MD & CEO at DiaBliss Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. spoke exuberantly on Dr Chockalingam’s inclusion to Diabliss advisory board, “We are excited and honoured that Dr Arun Chockalingam has decided to join Diabliss. Diabliss is in the midst of scaling up our current low GI foods business and also actively engaged in several patent pending strategies to address metabolic syndrome holistically using food and nutrition-based approaches. His expertise will benefit us tremendously.”

Dr Arun Chockalingam, also delighted with the move, says, “After having being associated with Diabliss informally over the years, I am very glad to see the science-based approach they undertook for their low GI foods. The Diabliss team is in the midst of exciting R & D that I believe will provide very significant benefits in addressing the global challenges from metabolic syndrome* through food and nutrition-based products. I am really looking forward to advising Diabliss in development, and clinical trials and validations of these exciting discoveries that can have a global impact.”

*Metabolic Syndrome is a group of risk factors (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and obesity) that raises risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other health problems. Today, almost 30% of the world population would fall in the category of having these risk factors and these incidence rates are increasing every year especially in most developing countries.

About Diabliss

Diabliss Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian Herbal Company providing science-based functional foods, additives & nutraceuticals globally for diabetics, pre-diabetics and wellness conscious consumers. Commercialising the first of its kind herbal cane sugar under the brand name Diabliss, it has followed pharma-like product testing and development to ensure product efficacy. Diabliss follows ISO 22000-based manufacturing processes and systems, marketing these functional foods in India and overseas.