September 2018

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, August 16, 2018 – We are pleased to announce that the International Journal of Diabetes Research, a prestigious American Medical Journal, has published Diabliss’s human clinical studies. The study was titled ‘Diabliss’s effect on blood glucose levels in Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus’ and conducted at Sugaen Life Sciences, AP and Annamalai University, TN.

Diabliss Participates in Employee Wellness Event in Chennai – Wins Award As Well!

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, August 16, 2018 – An employee is the core of every organization. Motivated and healthy employees increase productivity of an organization and catapult it to success. But the workforce of aaa replica rolex datejust rolex calibre 2836 2813 mens 126234wrj white dial today is vulnerable to health issues that impact their morale and energy. By overlooking fitness due to demanding careers, employees suffer from metal strains and physical pains. Low morale, lack of motivation and a drop in productivity result from these grievances.

Artificial sweeteners are the trendy way to cut back on sugar consumption and supposedly help in maintaining blood sugar. Sweeteners, or sugar substrates, mimic the sweet taste of sugar and contain significantly lesser food energy as compared to sugar. You must have spotted them at your favourite cafés contained in white packets, or watched a celebrity endorsing it in an ad. Even popular cola brands offer ‘diet’ or ‘zero’ versions that include some form of added sugar substrate to reduce calories.

A smartphone is no longer a calling device; it’s like a mini-computer in your hands. With its tremendous capabilities and wide range of apps, you can book a cab, play immersive games, and do lots more. Your smartphone can also be helpful in monitoring and managing diabetes. There are a host of diabetes-specific and health-oriented apps that can make your life easy. These apps come with a wide range of benefits like diabetes-friendly recipes, monitoring GI of meals, creating community support for diabetes, fitness at your fingertips, etc. Let’s look at the broad app categories that you can download on your smartphone to help in your quest for good health.

Obesity and diabetes are afflictions of not only adults; they also cause issues for children. Childhood obesity has increased threefold as of 1970. Reports claim that 1/3rd of children born after 2000 are likely to develop type 2 diabetes in their lifetime. An alarming quote from the New England Journal of Medicine claims: “There is now evidence that America’s children will be the first in the nation’s history to live shorter lives than their parents.”

Low GI diet is not one of the latest fad diets of the season like Paleo, or Atkins. It is rather a nutritional practise that is helping many diabetics and pre-diabetics to keep their condition in check. Even people who are not affected by these conditions are reaping the benefits from eating foods lower in glycemic index. Some benefits might just fall into your bucket list of health concern such as high cholesterol, increase in blood sugar, heart disease and even cancer!

Diabliss is pleased to welcome Dr Arun Chockalingam to its advisory board. His addition to the board strengthens Diabliss’ resolve to provide innovative low GI products to diabetics. A few of Dr Chockalingam’s honours include being a world renowned public health practitioner and Secretary General of the World Hypertension League.

Dr Chockalingam is passionate about global health research, particularly on non-communicable disease prevention and control in low-and middle-income countries. He has established research collaborations in China, India, Germany, etc.

After several years of success in the consumer market, Diabliss announces its next generation of herbal technology. Improving upon its past technology, Diabliss has continued to commit to innovation and benefiting the lives of diabetics. As a result of these efforts, Diabliss has commercialised its herbal technology process which will lead to improved Glycaemic Index (GI) characteristics. This will allow flexibility of formulation across a much broader range of foods ranging from beverages, to sweetmeats to baked goods.