Diabliss Triumphantly Launches in US Online & Retail Market


San Francisco, California, US, September 9, 2018: Diabliss, the world’s 1st low GI sugar, is proud to announce that it has successfully launched in American retail stores. The sales strategy initially focussed on online sales from Amazon and Amazon Prime where Diabliss was at the top 20% of the new product launch category in terms of product purchases, and consumer views and responses. This was achieved in the very 1st week!

The brand has partnered with Pacdyn Ventures, Inc. for retail distribution across North America starting with sales in Indian supermarkets in the upmarket San Francisco Bay Area. Diabliss is available across the Bay Area and will soon be launched in major American cities with a significant population of Indian expats. Diabliss and Pacdyn Ventures will also be seeking large scale proliferation of Diabliss low GI products at mainstream retail outlets once the 1st phase of the launch is completed.

In response to the partnership, Sunitha Balagani, CEO of Pacdyn Ventures emphatically said, “We are very excited with the response we have received for all of our products.  Our promotional activities at community events have been a resounding success and this has given us confidence that we’ve cracked a winning formula with Diabliss – the right product with the right technology in the right market (USA) where there is tremendous focus on overall health and wellness.”

Sharing the excitement levels, Mr. Shiv Vallabhaneni, Co-Founder & COO Diabliss replied, “We are gratified to see the response from Diabliss consumers. We are confident that sales from e-commerce coupled with digital marketing efforts by our channel partners will take Diabliss to great heights and deliver value to pre-diabetics, diabetics and wellness conscious consumers in the US.”

About Diabliss

Diabliss Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian Herbal Company providing science-based functional foods, additives & nutraceuticals globally for diabetics, pre-diabetics and wellness conscious consumers. Commercialising the first of its kind herbal cane sugar under the brand name Diabliss, it has followed pharma-like product testing and development to ensure product efficacy. Diabliss follows ISO 22000-based manufacturing processes and systems, marketing these functional foods in India and overseas.


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