Diabliss Millet Cookies

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Diabetic Biscuits like Diabliss Millet Cookies Make Snacks for Diabetics Tasty and Healthy

Most commercially available biscuits don’t make it to the healthy list of foods for diabetics simply because they’re made from refined grains and have added sugar. Such biscuits are tasty, but at what cost! High glycemic index foods and sugar should be avoided by all – especially diabetics and prediabetics. It’s difficult to find a biscuit that is genuinely a low glycemic index food.

Now biscuits and cookies are no longer a diabetic’s enemy! Diabliss launches three new healthy and yummy cookies: Diabliss Millet Cookies, Diabliss Millet Cookies with Moringa Leaf gf rolex oyster perpetual unisex rolex calibre 2836 2813 m126000 0007 around 12mm automatic and Diabliss Millet Cookies with Chia Seeds. These Millet Cookies are some of the best snacks for diabetics with added nutrients to boost health, wellness and taste.

The principal ingredient in Diabliss Millet Cookies is Kodo and Barnyard millets. These millets are high in fibre, and contain zero trans-fat and cholesterol. They help in managing sugar levels, reducing cholesterol and obesity, promoting digestion and lowering diabetes. Kodo millets are gluten free and rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. Banyard millets are a rich source of calcium and phosphorus that help in bone building and fighting bone-related diseases.

Using millets puts Diabliss cookies in a league of its own because other biscuits are mostly made from refined white flour (maida). Maida lacks good fibre and is high on glycemic index, thus making it a problematic food for diabetics and prediabetics. Because of such shortcomings, white flour has gained the notorious nickname of ‘White Poison’.

Additional super ingredients such as Moringa Leaf and Chia Seeds greatly improve the health benefits of Diabliss Millet Cookies in comparison to other snacks for diabetics. Moringa Leaf is 卸売り 電子タバコ Supplies rich in antioxidants and helps in management of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. Moringa Leaf also lowers blood sugar levels which is a blessing for both prediabetics and diabetics. Research has shown that Moringa Oleifera also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Last but not the least, Moringa Leaf helps in reducing cholesterol – we all know that cholesterol is linked to heart disease and other critical illnesses.

Chia Seeds are considered a super food by many nutrition experts. They are packed with nutrients such as fibre, zinc, magnesium, calcium, etc. yet have fewer calories. Chia Seeds are also a great source of protein for vegetarians and vegans as compared to other plant sources.This active combo of high fibre and protein may help in weight loss as the body feels satisfied for longer. The power food is known to contain antioxidants and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, both of which have positive effects on health. Chia Seeds can reduce high blood sugar levels and lower heart disease – a key benefit for diabetics and prediabetics.

Diabliss Millet Cookies combines many beneficial ingredients to create a healthy food for diabetics. The cookies are also delicious in taste and have a lovely rich flavour with a perfect crunchy texture. They are one of the few snacks for diabetics that are loaded with nutrition and taste. The cookies can be eaten as a healthy snack or as a meal. They are an ideal gift for diabetics, prediabetics and health-conscious individuals that want delicious taste and nutrition. The search for the best food for diabetics is now over with Diabliss Millet Cookies.