Diabliss Launching Low Glycemic Index Whole Wheat Atta

Roti Goes Diabetic Friendly! Diabliss Launches Low Glycemic Index and Low Oil Absorption Whole Wheat Atta.

Diabliss Whole Wheat Atta is a first of its kind low glycemic index whole wheat atta that has a glycemic index score lesser than regular atta. It’s the perfect choice for diabetics and prediabetics who’re trying to get their blood sugar levels in control. Consumers can now enjoy diabetic friendly rotis.

Roti, chapatti or Indian flatbread is an essential part of the country’s diet. It’s no surprise that it is mentioned in the popular local adage ‘Roti, Kapda, Makaan’ (Food, Clothing and Shelter), the essential ingredients for a good life. Across the globe, the roti is an inseparable part of Indian cuisine – eaten with vegetables, curries, and as parathas and puris.

A roti is essentially a carbohydrate made from atta (flour). The glycemic index of whole wheat rotis is about 62 making it a medium glycemic index food. It is still a better option than white rice, another popular food in India. White rice is a high glycemic index food which should be eaten in moderation by diabetics, prediabetics and health conscious individuals.

For the uninitiated, glycemic index (or GI) is a scale on which carbohydrates are rated based on the extent to which they raise blood sugar levels after eating. Diabetics are advised to eat low glycemic index foods (below 55) and avoid high glycemic index ones (above 70) to keep blood sugar levels in check.

In line with its goal of creating diabetic friendly products and low glycemic index foods, Diabliss produced a whole wheat atta with a glycemic index of less than 50! The atta is refined using the company’s proprietary mix consisting of extracts from Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Gooseberry, Black Pepper, Turmeric, Cumin and Aloe Vera. The resultant atta is smooth and soft in texture unlike multigrain versions which have fibrous materials like psyllium husk added to lower glycemic index.

Diabliss Whole Wheat Atta is made from high quality grains produced in the fertile lands of Punjab and Madhya Pradesh. Both the locations are renowned for their superior grade wheat grains. Rotis made from Diabliss Whole Wheat Atta are delicious, organic and rich in taste.

Apart from being low on glycemic index and tasty, Diabliss Whole Wheat Atta has a markedly superior softness due to the herbal extract fortification. This can serve advantageous not just for diabetics and prediabetics, but also fitness enthusiasts trying to shed extra pounds.

As atta is used in all Indian meals, Diabliss has reduced the glycemic load of the Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner with its whole wheat offering. Now India and the rest of the world can enjoy softer, tastier and more wholesome low glycemic index rotis. Even snacks for diabetics can include healthy puris and parathas made from Diabliss Whole Wheat Atta that absorb less oil than usual.

Diabliss Whole Wheat Atta is available in 1 KG version on Diabliss website and on Amazon ecommerce store.