Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea

Best Herbal Tea For Diabetes

Herbal Lemon Tea, Ginger Tea and Masala Chai – Diabliss Presents Diabetic Friendly Teas!

Tea is very popular in India – in fact many Indians start their day with a hot cup of tea. It’s an essential part of breakfast, teamed up with a variety of breakfast foods. Chai – the local word for tea – is enjoyed in the morning, afternoon and evening. Our tea-loving nation has been hooked on to the beverage for countless decades.

Unlike people abroad who don’t have milky tea, Indians prefer their tea with milk and sugar. Most teas served in the country are generously loaded with sugar – the sugar rush gives people an instant boost in the morning and afternoon. But sugar is very harmful – excess blood sugar leads to metabolic complications like diabetes, heart disease and more.

To counter this, most Indians add artificial sweeteners to tea. Some artificial sweeteners have a bitter taste and ruin the overall experience of tea indulgence. Other sugar substrates, even the healthy ones, may be linked to terminal conditions like cancer. So the only option left is to add less sugar to tea, but it’s obvious that the taste is not the same.

This difficulty is felt by diabetics and prediabetics to a higher extent. They need to keep a check on their blood sugar levels as their bodies cannot process excessive levels of glucose. This dangerous high sugar in blood can cause severe issues such as heart failure. Thus tea can be one of the factors that push prediabetics and diabetics to the edge.

Diabliss, an emerging Indian Herbal products company, has already launched a solution: Diabliss herbal low glycemic index sugar. Diabliss Herbal Sugar can be used by prediabetics and diabetics to reduce their glycemic load. The company has also created other diabetic friendly products. like snacks for diabetics low glycemic index whole wheat atta, and a variety of diabetic friendly teas that are low on glycemic index.

Diabliss Lemon Tea, Ginger Tea and Masala Chai are ready to mix teas that can be enjoyed by diabetics, prediabetics and health conscious individuals. The teas are premixed with Diabliss low glycemic index sugar thus there is no need to add refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. The low glycemic index tea mixes can be added straight to hot water to create a perfect hot beverage, or else stirred in hot milk to create an Indian-style chai.

Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea, Ginger Tea and Masala Chai have a glycemic index less than 50! This astonishing feat is achieved because of a 10 year extensive research and development process. The product is refined using a proprietary mix consisting of extracts from Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Gooseberry, Black Pepper, Turmeric, Cumin and Aloe Vera which reduces the glycemic index dramatically. These diabetes friendly teas are clinically tested to check for their effects on blood glucose and have no added preservatives and colours.

Diabliss Best Herbal Lemon Tea, is a zesty, refreshing lemony concoction with a zingy flavour. It is made from real lemons and therefore has an unmatched taste versus any lemon tea in the market. The Herbal Lemon Tea has outstanding benefits such as weight loss and healthy blood sugar control. Diabliss Ginger Tea is made from real ginger handpicked from the serene hills of Ooty. It has an organic ginger taste and aroma with a rejuvenating effect. Diabliss Masala Chai is made with real masalas – just the way Indians like it. The heady mix of masalas gives Diabliss Masala Chai a strong, earthy flavour that is desired by most Indians in their teas.

Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea, Ginger Tea and Masala Chai are available on Amazon and Diabliss’ website. Consumers can buy these in 100g, 300g, and 500g packs. They can even purchase Diabliss Herbal Tea Combo Pack with all three varieties of Diabliss Tea premixes available in convenient sachets.

When India and the world want to indulge in tea, they can be rest assured that their taste and health are in good hands thanks to Diabliss diabetes friendly teas.