Apps for Diabetes Management

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A smartphone is no longer a calling device; it’s like a mini-computer in your hands. With its tremendous capabilities and wide range of apps, you can book a cab, play immersive games, and do lots more. Your smartphone can also be helpful in monitoring and managing diabetes. There are a host of diabetes-specific and health-oriented apps that can make your life easy. These apps come with a wide range of benefits like diabetes-friendly recipes, monitoring GI of meals, creating community support for diabetes, fitness at your fingertips, etc. Let’s look at the broad app categories that you can download on your smartphone to help in your quest for good health.

Disclaimer: The app suggestions given in the article are indicative of the type of apps available in the app store. The article is does not endorse or promote these app. Kindly use discretion while installing them.

  1. Apps Made Specifically For Diabetes Management

There are many apps on the Google Play Store that exclusively cater to management of diabetes. Diabetics can use them for the following vital benefits:

  • Understanding the GI load of the meals and impact of blood glucose
  • Syncing to fitness wearables to keep track of valuable body metrics
  • Community support system where friends can motivate you
  • Dashboards that visualise your health metrics

These diabetes-friendly apps are updated on a regular basis to provide the latest features that can aid in management and monitoring of diabetes.

Available apps: Glooko, mySugr, BG Monitor

  1. Use Apps to Order Diabetes Medication

With the convenience of smartphones, you can now order your medicines using your phone! This service is also available on desktops as well. You can save trips to the drug store and get home delivery of your medicines with such online facilities. That’s not it, if you have regular orders for certain medicines, these can be automated and delivered every month. Isn’t that fabulous? Online shopping provides a host of discounts and offers as well so your total bill might just come out to be slightly cheaper.

Available apps: Netmeds, BookMeds, etc.

  1. Get a Great Workout with Fitness Apps

Maintaining a healthy fitness regime is a must for all diabetics and prediabetics. Android and iOS apps stores are filled to the brim with the latest fitness and workout apps. These bring to your fingertips exciting workout regimes, nutrition knowledge, calorie counters and lots more. You’re spoilt for choice for the types of workouts as there are specific apps for Yoga, Zumba, Weight Training, etc. So you can never be stuck in a rut. Many celebrities and popular fitness coaches have their own apps so you can get the benefit of working out on their training programme without spending a bomb.

Available apps: JEFIT, Freeletics Bodyweight, Yoga with Adriene

  1. Book a Doctor’s Appointment with an App

Appointments for doctors can now be booked with a few taps on your smartphone. Such apps present a list of doctors in your area based on your medical requirements and also provide user ratings of these doctors to help you make the right choice. Never miss your doctor’s appointment as a reminder is set on your phone and a notification pops up on the right day. Q&A forums within such apps provide responses to your queries on a variety of medical issues.

Available apps: Practo, Lybrate and Portea

  1. Make Diabetic-Friendly Food at Home

Diabetics need to monitor their food intake aggressively in order to mitigate the adverse effects caused by rise in blood sugar. For this purpose, one can download apps that suggest diabetics-friendly diets that keep a rigorous check on glycemic index of food. Such apps also suggest recipes for diabetes patients keeping in mind the overall glycemic impact. Diabetics can feel more relaxed as the guesswork of GI impact and the constant search for nutritious food is taken away.

Available apps: Fooducate, Diabetic Diet, etc.