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After several years of success in the consumer market, Diabliss announces its next generation of herbal technology.

Improving upon its past technology, Diabliss has continued to commit to innovation and benefiting the lives of diabetics. As a result of these efforts, Diabliss has commercialised its herbal technology process which will lead to improved Glycaemic Index (GI) characteristics. This will allow flexibility of formulation across a much broader range of foods ranging from beverages, to sweetmeats to baked goods.

“We are excited about commercializing our next generation herbal technology with improved ingredients that deliver an additional 8-10% improvement in Glycemic Index. The next generation technology is allowing us to extend the product offerings into various carbohydrate platforms. We are committed to introducing a steady stream of products designed to restore the limited food choices available to diabetics.” says Mr. VR. Ramanathan, CEO, Diabliss Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd.

Following a pharma-like approach, Diabliss product testing and development platform included animal toxicity studies and two clinical studies to provide products that are safe and effective for Diabetics, pre-diabetics and wellness conscious consumers.

A low GI diet not only helps in controlling blood glucose levels but can also aid in weight management and guarding against cardiovascular disease. With this upgrade in technology, Diabliss will be able to cater to a larger range of foods which will further benefit the diabetic and pre-diabetic population.

New carbohydrate variants for retail and industrial customers are set to launch in the 1st quarter of 2018.


About Diabliss

Diabliss Consumer Products Pvt Ltd is an Indian Herbal Company providing science-based functional foods, additives & nutraceuticals  globally for diabetics, pre-diabetics and wellness conscious consumers.Commercialising the first of its kind herbal cane sugar under the brand name Diabliss, it has followed pharma-like product testing and development to ensure product efficacy. Diabliss follows ISO 22000-based manufacturing processes and systems, marketing these functional foods in India and overseas.


Siva Vallabhaneni
Co-Founder & COO