Dr Venkat Manohar Joins Diabliss’ Exceptional Advisory Board

Venkat-manokar - Diabliss

Dr. Venkat Manohar, a seasoned veteran in the field of analytical science, is now a part of Diabliss’ exceptional advisory board. Diabliss is in a state of rapid expansion and his inclusion will spearhead the company’s progress in creating low glycemic index foods.

Dr. Manohar has had a remarkable career spanning over 40 years in various multinational companies. His journey began with a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Madras. He has received several awards for his contributions in analysis across his glorious professional years. He is a member of Method Review Committee of FSSAI and has more than 70 publications and 6 patents to his credit.

Dr. Manohar was the Principal Scientist at Unilever Research Centre where he was responsible for setting up Measurement Science Facility at Bangalore. This facility applied analytical tools for studies in tea science, food products, soaps, detergents, and allied consumer products. He joined RPG Life Science Ltd as a Senior Manager afterwards. At this organization, he put together an analytical facility that extensively used GC/MS, NMR, HPTLC, and other tools for agrochemical applications like pesticide to pharmaceutical analysis.

Dr. Manohar later became the Senior Vice President in Piramal Life Sciences Limited (PLSL), Mumbai where he established the entire analytical facility for drug discovery research as well as a diagnostic research laboratory. Currently, he is the Director of Indian Institute of Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry (IICMS).

Mr. VR. Ramanathan, MD and CEO at Diabliss Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are thrilled that Dr. Venkat Manohar is a part of our advisory board. We want the most intellectual and experienced minds to partner with us so we continue to create good food for diabetics. We will benefit from Dr. Manohar’s extensive analytical expertise to produce diabetic friendly products.”

Dr. Manohar was equally happy to be included in Diabliss’ advisory board. He said, “It is an honour to be a part of Diabliss. The company is on a mission to bring health and wellness to a diabetic’s life by creating diabetic friendly products. I am excited to be a part of their mission.”

About Diabliss

Diabliss Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian Herbal Company providing science-based functional foods, additives and nutraceuticals globally for diabetics, pre-diabetics and wellness conscious consumers.

Commercializing the first of its kind herbal cane sugar under the brand name Diabliss, it has followed pharma-like product testing and development to ensure product efficacy. Diabliss follows ISO 22000-based manufacturing processes and systems, marketing these functional foods in India and overseas.